Walking Wild Andalucia - Guided Walking Tours in Southern Spain

All year round Walking Wild Andalucia offers guided and self-guided walks and walking holidays through Spain's mountains south of Ronda, north of Gibraltar. Long sportive walks of 5-6 hours over mountain ranges or shorter, relatively easy walks through River valleys.

Walking Wild Andalucia set out three routes for walkers who seek the serenity of nature during the day, whilst relaxing after a scenic walk in the intimate ambiance of a Spanish-Moorish village with a glass of wine and some tapas. You only need to carry your lunch and water, we will transfer your luggage from hotel to hotel.

Where? In Andalucia, Southern Spain, an area of outstanding beauty and tranquility with two mountain ranges, the Serrania de Ronda and the Serrania de Grazalema, located between the Rock of Gibraltar and the City of Ronda, offering stunning walking, incomparable views down to Africa, and a richness of fauna and flora you just cannot comprehend, not to mention an intriguing mixture of Christian and Islamic culture.
"Jorrian van der Schaaf guided us to places we would never find on our own. Drawing from a wealth of knowledge, Jorrian introduced us to village culture and cuisine and the flora and fauna of these magical mountains.
Our six-day walking tour included stunning views of our shared past with Spain and her vibrant future. Jorrian adapted the itinerary to accommodate our abilities and interests and booked comfortable and unique lodging along the way. He also provided detailed tour maps and a disk of much appreciated photographs on our departure.
Our experience was extraordinary - warm and intelligent hospitality at its best, every detail perfectly attended to. Walking Wild Andalucia is a professional, full-service operation-we highly recommend them."
The Muellers, Minneapolis, USA
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What is so wild about our walks? It is the sheer serenity of having nature almost to yourself, surrounded only by stunning views, it is the diversity of the terrain of lush valleys, forests and barren mountains, the fresh air you breathe, the thousands of birds on their migration between the European and African continent, the sense of living history while you walk along ways of the past, formerly used by muleteers, farmers, smugglers, shepherds, postmen and 'bandoleros' and now only by mad dogs and …. people like us. Whatever route you choose, there is this risk you will want to come back one day and feel the presence of Africa again at the horizon.

THREE TREKS, three worlds apart, three degrees of difficulty:

1. One Valley Walk - 5 nights hotels, 4 days of walking, 3-4 hours a day, gently descending from Gaucin to Ronda, down into the Valley of the Guadiaro River and up over rolling hills through a variety of landscapes: forest, pasture land, riverbanks, starting and finishing in white villages; easy, doable on trainers.

2. Two Valley Walk - 5 nights, 4 days of walking, 4-5 hours a day, from Gaucin to Ronda, connecting the two valleys of the River Guadiaro and the River Genal through forest and pasture land, along olive groves and rolling hills, along rugged mountains and rivers, from one white village to another; medium; some experience reading maps and a compass comes handy; walking shoes are recommended.

3. Mountain Walk - 7 nights, 6 days of walking, 5-6 hours a day, from Gaucin to Ronda over mountain passes and rugged rocky terrain, along hidden plains and pine, passing rivers aligned with (cork) oak forest, from one white village to another; for the fit and experienced walkers who are used to reading maps, a compass and/or GPS; walking shoes or mountain boots recommended.

Alpandeire to Cartajima FLEXIBILITY
All walks can start on any day of the week, all year round, although we would advise you to avoid the heat of the summer months July and August.

All walks can be lengthened (by combining routes) or shortened (by choosing another starting point or by making short cuts).

All walks can be self-guided or guided.

We can also offer circular walks starting from and finishing at the same village if you prefer to stay in one or just a couple of places.

We are happy to prepare you a made-to-measure walking tour of as many hours/days as you wish.

Whatever way you choose, with Wild Walking Andalucia you walk along old Roman roads, cattle droves and goat or cow paths through unspoiled natural terrains, to picturesque white villages in the amazing mountain ranges and river valleys of the Ronda and Grazalema area.

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